Are you a video games fan and believe you know everything about the subject? Let us surprise you with the vast amount of products and knowledge you have yet to discover. Here, we are literally surrounded by video games since we are one of the biggest players in Canada. If you're interested in joining our dynamic and constantly evolving team, you can choose from the different positions offered at Retro MTL.

★ Store Advisor

  • Customer service
  • Prepare and send online orders
  • Purchase used video games, systems and accessories
  • Product displays in store

★ Inventory clerk

  • Create product pages for the website
  • Price products according to market and item condition
  • Take pictures for website and social medias

★ Video game maintenance attendant

  • Clean and test games, systems and accessories
  • Resurface games in disc format
  • Perform minor repairs

To add your name to our database of candidates, simply fill out the form below and attach your resume. We look forward to meeting you.