Need help? Frequently asked questions.


Do you clean and test your products?
All our products are submitted to basic cleaning. If a game in disc format is too scratched we will resurface it. We test the games by playing for about a minute and we check if the savegame works when this option is present. If a game is no longer saving we install a new battery.

My game is not working well
Even after testing and cleaning, cartridge games are still very sensitive: most problems are usually fixed by doing a new cleaning.  Here's how.

Does the Zapper (NES gun) work on recent televisions?
No. The Zapper only works on CRT televisions.

Are your products guaranteed?
All our products are guaranteed 30 days after purchase. You can consult this section for more details.

What do I do with my order if I have a problem?
If there is an error in your online order (missing item, wrong item, etc.),  contact us as soon as it is received with your order number.
If you received a defective item and all the above cleaning steps didn’t work, come see us in store with your original invoice or contact us with your order number and the following details:

  • Description of the problem
  • Console on which you are testing the game (original console? Modified? Etc.)
  • Overview of what you have done to try to make it work.

Can I get a refund?
If a product that you bought from us is having an issue within the 30-days warranty period, we will refund you when you return it. We can also offer you a store credit. Note that we do not refund if you return a product because you no longer desire it.


Are you doing console repair?
We do not offer a repair service.

Do you offer battery replacement for cartridge games that have the save option?
Yes, we can replace most backup batteries from cart-based games. This service is offered in store only. Visit our services page for all the details!

Do you repair discs?
We can repair most discs. This service is offered in store only. Visit our services page for all the details!


Do you buy and / or exchange used games?
Buying used games is the core of our business. If you have games to sell or trade, you can send us clear photos and / or a specific list by email or private message on Facebook and we will provide you a free quote. It is also possible to visit us in store with your games but note that it will take longer if the volume of games is large. It’s easier to agree beforehand.

How much can I get for my games?
We assess the value of your games and we offer a variable percentage depending on the popularity, rarity and condition of the games you offer us.

What are the delivery delays for an order made online?
We do business with Canada Post. The postman collects packages from the store Monday to Friday at the end of the day. Packages take an average of one to two days to get to your destination, depending on your location. All of our packages have a tracking number.

Can I buy online and pick up my order in store?
Yes. When you complete your online purchase choose the option to "Pick up in store". We will put the items of your order aside and you can pick it up in store at any time during our business hours.

I'm looking for a game and you don't have it in stock. Can I leave you my contact information so that you can contact me when it is available?
It is not possible for us to predict what we’ll have in inventory for used games because they do not come from suppliers but from individuals. Given the large turnover of our inventory and the large number of requests we have, it would be too laborious to keep a record of the games that people are looking for. However, we invite you to keep an eye on our  Facebook page as we post photos of what we add to our inventory every day. Also check our website regularly.

For any other question, feel free to contact us